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Basic functionality:

 Welcome to use our services!


Da Lazybee Ride:

Download the version for PC/Windows here. Save it to your harddrive. Close all other programs. Use Explorer to find the downloaded file on your hard drive.  Double click on the file (it's called "da_lazybee_ride_w_sound.exe") and follow the instructions. Pump up the volume and enjoy! TOP

Renting a home in Sweden:

Based on my experience of having worked in this market for over six years (first with real estate corporate finance then as a management consultant with Pricewaterhouse Coopers, then as an IT entrepreneur in real estate; especially rentals), I have concluded that the politicians are to blame. I'm so frustrated with them that I've written a story in Swedish about it. Read it here -->

First time:

REGISTER - surf to  NB: For security and quality assurance purposes, you MUST enter your work email, correctly spelled, as user id. (If not, you will be erased.) After successfully completing this form, and submitting it by clicking on the button labelled "Bee me up, Scotty!", you are registered and logged in. You can now start using Lazybee as a member! Be sure to write down the e-mail you entered for user id, and the password you picked - store it in a safe place. TOP

Question1: What's an "LP code"?
Answer: The LP code is given confidentially to companies who are members of Location Partners - Simplifying Relocation for a screened community of companies. Your company can apply for a free membership here. If you don't have an LP code ignore it and register as a normal Lazybee member (which is the default choice). Ask your Human Resource responsible to apply for membership, to get a bundle of powerful services.

Question2: I have already registered as a member of Lazybee before, but forgotten my password.  What should I do?
Answer: Get a new password automatically here

NEW! Question3: I am already a member of Lazybee, have requested a new password but I don't get one (or it doesn't work) AND THE SITE WON'T LET ME REGISTER AGAIN CLAIMING I ALREADY EXIST AND I'M REALLY FRUSTRATED ABOUT THIS?!?!?!?
Answer: Register again, this time with a different email. Get a new mailadress and set it to forward ("vidaresänd") mails to your "real" mailadress (since Lazybee informs you of responses to your ads etc you want to make sure this new mail works!). GET A FREE NEW EMAIL THAT FORWARDS FOR FREE AT (or somewhere else).

NEW! Question4: The site is really slow / it lets me log in but kicks me out / I get strange error messages etc!
Answer: Use to surf (not etc). Still doesn't work? - Try again after a while. The site is normally a lot faster (and free of these high traffic related errors) before the afternoon Swedish time (GMT +1), since USA sleeps in the Swedish morning, resuling in way less traffic on the Internet. I.e. try again in 30 minutes or wait until 8.00 am-14.00 (2 pm) Swedish time.


Second time (and  all following times):

Log in: surf to and click on "log in" (top left) OR surf directly to . Enter the user id (the email) and password you entered when you registered. If you've forgotten your password, get a new password automatically hereTOP


Publish your own ad(s), just like in a newspaper:

  1. log in (see above)
  2. decide what type of ad you want to post: Buy a home (make an ad that announces that you wish to buy a home like this), Sell a home (make an ad that announces that you wish to sell a home, and describe the home you wish to sell to someone), Swap/exchange a home (make an ad that announces that you wish to swap a home (permanent or during a period), describes both the home you have and the home you want instead, to swap with), Rent a home (make an ad that announces that you wish to rent a home like this) or Rent out/ Let a home (make an ad that announces that you wish to rent out a home, and describes the home you have for someone to rent from you).
  3. click on the type of ad you want to publish - do this from
  4. visibility - decide who will be able to see your ad - if you want to be sure that only a screened group of users (other LP members) can see your ad, select "Show this ad to LP members only". If you want as many people as possible (including non-screened private persons (=less quality but more replies)), select "Show this ad to all members" (recommended).
  5. be anonymous - don't enter any phone numbers, e-mail etc, all responses to your ads are gathered in your Beehive, so that you can choose whom to approach. Also, once per day, we send you an email informing you of the response to your ad(s). The e-mail you enter isn't showed to anyone, but we use it to send you emails of matching ads and announcements of interest. For quality assurance purposes, the e-mail has to be the one to your work. If it isn't please fly to your Beehive and edit your profile.
  6. photos - you may include 1-3 color photos with your ad. You can do this now, or come back and do it later by flying to your Beehive, clicking up the ad, editing it and clicking on Add photos. Photos always increases the interest for your ad, and gives you more accurate announcements of interest.
  7. send the ad - click on Send. You will now see the ad as it appears for others. If you are satisfied, click on "Bee me up, Scotty!". You can also edit it or even delete it altogether.
  8. Example: Since you will be working in New York for a year, you have made an ad that announces that you wish to rent out your home in Stockholm. You chose to make it visible to all Lazybee members (as we recommend). Mr. Jones (not an LP member) and Mr. Jordan (an LP member) wants a place to stay in Stockholm. When they search (look at available ads published by other people, just like in a newspaper), both Mr. Jones and Mr. Jordan can see your ad and announce their interest. These annoncements are instantly available in your Beehive, plus you will, on the same day, get an email informing you of how many announcements you've received for your ad(s). 
  9. refresh your ad - to get as many people as possible to view your ad, you can make it appear among the first in the lists by refreshing it. (We display newly refreshed ads first). Fly to your Beehive, click on the number of the ad, click on the Edit button, then on "Bee me up, Scotty!" to send it and thus refreshing it.
  10. check announcements of interest often - click on Fly to my Beehive
  11. check matching ads often - see Search among other ads
  12. when a transaction occurrs: YOU ARE REQUIRED TO INFORM US WHO THE OTHER PARTY WAS (name, email, phone number, adress of the home in question). Even if you didn't find him/her via our services. Send the email to [email protected]  » read more-->>
  13. PLEASE DELETE THE AD WHEN IT'S NO LONGER VALID - fly to your Beehive, open up the ad, click on Delete (remove).
  14. We love to serve you for free, and would be very grateful if you would inform us when our site has helped you - please send a mail to  [email protected]  TOP

Search among other ads, just like in a newspaper:

  1. log in (see above)
  2. search among other ads (both LP members and others) - from look at the right section of the screen, with the title "FREE! Search:". A list page appears. Ads from LP members are marked with a red exclamation point - ! - ensuring the highest quality. To see the details of an ad that looks interesting, click on the city of that ad in the list. To announce an interest in the ad, and perhaps be approached if the ad creator finds you suitable, click on "Announce interest" and follow the instructions.
  3. advanced search - from look at the right section of the screen, scroll down and click on "Advanced search" at the bottom, and follow the instructions.
  4. search on ad number - if you already know the number of a certain ad, you can find it quickly by logging in, then go to (the very first page), scroll down and use the Search on ad number feature found down to the right on the page.  TOP

Your Beehive - read announcements of interest, modify, refresh or delete your ad(s):

Time for the paperwork and other legal stuff. How do you help me?

Send a mail to [email protected] informing us what's up. For deals in Sweden we'll - for free - mail you full instructions and the apropriate forms and everything else you need.